President Obama Initiative to Recognize the UN International Day of Peace


In 1982, the United Nations established September 21st of each year as the International Day of Peace. Since then no American President, Republican or Democrat, has officially recognized this global event celebrated by more than one billion people in 2015.


In 2015 working with, we came up with the idea to send a letter to the President asking him to recognize the United Nations International Day of Peace. and put together a joint letter that received additional support from fourteen organizations and peace leaders.


This year based upon our own convictions and advise from prominent peace leaders we have a new strategy. We distributed a letter template that was to be placed onto the official letterhead of organizations and individuals participating in the 2016 effort.  The 58 attached letters were sent to the President.  We are extremely grateful to each and everyone for contributing to this effort.

PEACEInt copy_tn

MnPeaceGrp copy_tn

Eugene copy_tn

PeaceJam copy_tn

Singapore copy_tn

Kenya copy_tn

Grandmas copy_tn

NVDems copy_tn

Justicectr copy_tn

DrWidad copy_tn

Generations copy_tn

MNVets copy_tn

Compassion copy_tn

DeclareWP copy_tn

EugenePC copy_tn

Pathways copy_tn

TBL21 copy_tn

Plearn copy_tn

Turkey copy_tn

Hansen copy_tn

Dayw-oHate copy_tn

MsLennick copy_tn

MsTaylor copy_tn

MsSmart copy_tn

WorldPeaceOne copy_tn

Friends copy_tn

StKing copy_tn

PEACESols copy_tn

NewFut copy_tn

9-11Peace copy_tn

IntlPeace copy_tn

PA-DC copy_tn

Taoism copy_tn

Vets154 copy_tn

KayeB copy_tn

WP&H copy_tn

WBWUA copy_tn

IndVets copy_tn

PAlliance copy_tn

VIENNA copy_tn

UNAssoc copy_tn

4MAN copy_tn

zygmont copy_tn

MA4PD copy_tn

CAPeaceA copy_tn

PPrayer copy_tn

RedSci copy_tn

Olivier copy_tn

HoaBinh copy_tn

Peacenow copy_tn

FOR copy_tn

Friars copy_tn

GHPUA copy_tn

Amb_McDonald copy_tn

PAcademy copy_tn