Peace in Person Picture

We are empowering One Billion global citizens to create the cultural, economic, and governmental framework needed to co-create a new era of enduring peace. With the ambitious goal of uniting One Billion of us, we intend to build the tipping point of peace. This transformative force will demand substantive and lasting change for the betterment of humankind now and for all future generations.

A new constituency of One Billion global citizens is being built one signature at a time. Each new name added is an act of peace. One Billion acts of peace will create the political motivation, the economic incentive and societal evolution to create new possibilities built upon a foundation of unity.

The biggest obstacle to peace is we have not experienced it. We believe it is impossible. To overcome this false reality, we have set an “impossible” goal of getting one billion signatures for peace. How? There are 3.2 billion of us online or connected by our smart phones. They are connected to the Internet, to you, to When One Billion of us add our names to this global tally impossible will transform into possible. You will have not only changed what you believe is possible you will have permanently changed our world.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition, volunteer or donate.