Peace Officers Initiative

This inspirational program is designed to establish a more uplifting and trust-building nomenclature for the responsibilities and roles of law enforcement officers and police departments. It is designed to address the following challenges:

  • How do we better insure the safety of our law enforcement officers?
  • How do we strengthen morale in law enforcement?
  • How do we increase the respect for law enforcement officers within the communities in which they serve?
  • How do we raise the level of peace and goodwill in our communities?
  • How do we fortify the bond between communities and law enforcement?


The work of is global with our One Billion Signature petition drive that supports the creation of Departments of Peace within governments worldwide.  This initiative is entitled, “The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures to Support the Culture of Peace” and was written in a collaborative effort between United Nations Culture of Peace groups, (Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures of Peace) and

Our work is also local. In 2014, we led the effort resulting in Los Angeles becoming an “International City of Peace.”  In 2017 we will begin raising $400,000 to launch a program to bring Departments of Peace to U.S. cities and communities. To accomplish this, we propose renaming police departments, “Departments of Peace Keeping and Safety” and police officers, “Peace Officers.” The way we speak and refer to ourselves and others affects the way we act. It also impacts the way others act and react to us. With this rebranding effort, our goal is to elevate the interactions between police officers and the communities they so valiantly serve.

Cities that adopt this initiative will see these empowering new titles on the sides of government vehicles that patrol their cities. Every day law enforcement officers will pin a badge to their uniform next to their heart with the title, “Peace Officer.” Over time, this reassuring title will create a feeling of unity and hope that will bring out the best in the communities in which they appear. Combined with education and training that reaffirms this new focus and awareness, cooperation and trust will become the new normal and the days of law enforcement and communities being on opposite sides will peacefully fade into the past.

The motivation for this initiative is being driven by recent events within our communities that has led to law enforcement too often being viewed with distrust by the people they are empowered to protect. This view heightens anxiety and animosity on our nation’s streets while creating adversarial relationships that increase societal dysfunction.

Conversely, a community that trusts its peace officers is one where citizens and community leaders work together to share ideas that lead to the betterment of the entire populace. Fully funded, our intention is to bring this multi-year project to the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, and New York. This template for positive change can then be a model for other cities across our country and the world.

By rebranding our law enforcement, this will result in daily news reports that utilize encouraging new words like “peace officers”, “departments of peace”, and “peace keeping.” Our children will see “peace cruisers” that deliver a mobile message of peace and safety as they protect their communities. This will instill a new self-image and promote pride within one of our world’s most challenging and heroic professions.

Our number one goal is to create alliances with police unions and law enforcement organizations so this is a collaborative effort which effectively serves the greater good. The majority of our funding is required to educate the public about the program and build community support so city leaders will enact the local ordinances needed to facilitate these changes. There is a lot of work to be done, but with your help, this evolutionary journey to a more peaceful society and greater sense of unity between all people can begin.

2017 Program Goal- $387,000

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